Bhutan International Film Festival

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Bhutan International Film Festival is a celebration of individuality and the power of the human spirit. We showcase films that defy categorisation, refuse to obey the rules, move, delight and inspire, in equal measure. 

We accept and screen narrative and documentary film of any length, from any location, on a wide variety of topics and themes. Significant cash awards are offered in several categories including Best of Festival, Best Short Film, Best Documentary, Best Bhutanese film, and many more.

The inaugural Bhutan International Film Festival will be held February 15-21, 2015, as part of The Bhutan International Festival, a new annual celebration of  the creative arts from one of the most magical and beautiful travel destinations on Earth. 
In 10 days of festivities from the land of happiness, international artists and musicians will perform, exhibit and collaborate with Bhutanese indigenous artists and performers from every discipline. With an International arts festival, music festival, the new international film festival, the Bhutan International Marathon and a TEDx — the Land of the Thunder Dragon will breathe fire in an explosion of creative events throughout the capital city — all surrounding HM the King’s 35th birthday celebrations and the Bhutanese New Year. 
The Festival aims to build cross cultural collaboration with Bhutan, to create and finance new opportunities in the creative arts.  It will showcase Bhutan at its most magical, provide a new platform for artistic expression, a significant stimulus for international tourism, and an improvement in economic wellbeing. 
The Festival is an exciting opportunity to experience the wonders of a previously hidden land in full splendor — with unique collaborations, installations and performances.
Why Bhutan?   
Bhutan is a place like no other — and it’s a place from which we have much to learn. A remote kingdom at the top of the world in the southeast Himalayas — going to Bhutan is like entering a magical lost world. It’s like stepping back in time — with meticulously preserved traditional architecture, incredible unspoiled landscapes and friendly inquisitive peoples who still dress and act as they did, centuries ago.
Bhutan International Film Festival